A Comparison of Panel Method and RANS Calculations for a Horizontal Axis Marine Current Turbine
Baltazar J. & Falcão de Campos J.A.C. (2015) In: CFD for Wind and Tidal Offshore Turbine. Esteban Ferrer & Adeline Montauer (Editors), Springer Tracts in Mechanical Engineering.
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Ecosystem Services: The Opportunities of Rewilding in Europe
Cerqueira Y.R., Navarro L. M., Maes J., Marta-Pedroso C., Honrado J. P. & Pereira H. M. (2015) In: Rewilding European Landscapes. Pereira, H.M. & Navarro, L.M. (Editors). Springer, New York.
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Termodinâmica: Princípios e Conceitos Fundamentais da Termodinâmica Macroscópica.
Domingos J. J.D., Domingos T., Sousa T. & Serrenho A. (2015) IST Press, Lisboa. (aceite)
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Event “Food sector and biodiversity - impacts, recommendations and proposals for action”
IST, Portuguese Partner of the Project LIFE Food & Biodiversity (through MARETEC), will host, in collaboration with PortugalFoods, an event of presentation of the project’s Recommendations and Fact Sheets in Lisbon. The event “Food...
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Doctoral student of MARETEC receives the 2018 Research Award from the Belgian Committee of the International Water Association (BIWA)
The 2018 Research Award of the Belgian Committee of the International Water Association (BIWA) was awarded to Andreia Amaral, a joint Ph.D. student of Instituto Superior Técnico (MARETEC), Portugal and Ghent University (BIOMATH), Belgium....
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OMeGA develops solution that will help manage an increasingly scarce resource
The recently launched working group is coordinated by Técnico and will develop a tool to improve the management of the volumes of water stored in the reservoirs.
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