A Comparison of Panel Method and RANS Calculations for a Horizontal Axis Marine Current Turbine
Baltazar J. & Falcão de Campos J.A.C. (2015) In: CFD for Wind and Tidal Offshore Turbine. Esteban Ferrer & Adeline Montauer (Editors), Springer Tracts in Mechanical Engineering.
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Ecosystem Services: The Opportunities of Rewilding in Europe
Cerqueira Y.R., Navarro L. M., Maes J., Marta-Pedroso C., Honrado J. P. & Pereira H. M. (2015) In: Rewilding European Landscapes. Pereira, H.M. & Navarro, L.M. (Editors). Springer, New York.
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Termodinâmica: Princípios e Conceitos Fundamentais da Termodinâmica Macroscópica.
Domingos J. J.D., Domingos T., Sousa T. & Serrenho A. (2015) IST Press, Lisboa. (aceite)
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Presentation of the Baseline Report "Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector"
As part of the LIFE BioStandards project, the Baseline Report "Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Sector" will be presented on June 6 at 2:30 PM, at the Alimentaria Horexpo Food Fair (Auditorium II - Pav. 2), at FIL...
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Seminar “Meet 2030: Energia, clima e crescimento económico - oportunidades de negócio em Portugal”
This seminar will take place on May 29 and present work done on the Meet2030 project, developed by BCSD Portugal in partnership with IST, namely: main uncertainties found under the scenario planning method; potential technologies that have...
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MOOC - Dynamic Energy Budgets (micro)
Ist's available the new course online on Dynamic Energy Budgets (micro) about modelling of the metabolism on microorganisms.
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Web Hightlights
Updated Wiki: Home
MOHID Source Code Location ChangedMohid Source code has been moved to GitHub. The new link is: DescriptionMOHID Water Modelling System is a...
2015-11-13 11:36
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Source code checked in, #89647
modulesediment - After validation with experiments data in channels and tests in schematic cases and real cases to verify all module features (without the waves action), this can be considered the...
2015-11-03 12:04
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Source code checked in, #89646
Software/MOHIDWater/ModuleLagrangianGlobal.F90 = In some conditions where the nesting interface intercepts land particles that jump between domains have problems in the grid position location. In...
2015-11-02 19:21
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Source code checked in, #89644
MOHD Land - added a new module - Reservoirs to compute water retention and concentrations. Recieves Drainage network inflows and imposes DN outflows and an have discharges (e.g. water for irrigation...
2015-11-02 11:35
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Source code checked in, #89643
ConvertToHDF5/ModuleGlueHDF5Files = correct initialization of variables Me%Vert3D, & Me%Open3D, ConvertToHDF5/ModuleNetCDFCF_2_HDF5MOHID.F90 = generic way of computing precipitation rate based in...
2015-11-02 10:33
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