iFADO - KickOff

In Lisboa, on the 14th and 15th November, at IST, the iFADO consortium met to begin the project


Conferência Anual do BCSD 2017: “Como crescer e criar emprego numa economia neutra em carbono? Pensar Portugal em 2030”



New project approved


Seminar “Meet 2030: Energia, clima e crescimento económico - oportunidades de negócio em Portugal”

This seminar will take place on May 29 and present work done on the Meet2030 project, developed by BCSD Portugal in partnership with IST, namely: main uncertainties found under the scenario planning method; potential technologies that have higher impact on increasing the useful exergy of the Portuguese economy; changes that would have to happen for that. There will be an overall debate about the idea of a Sustainable 4th Industrial revolution (decarbonization, technologies, new business models, growth, jobs).