Seminar “Meet 2030: Energia, clima e crescimento económico - oportunidades de negócio em Portugal”

This seminar will take place on May 29 and present work done on the Meet2030 project, developed by BCSD Portugal in partnership with IST, namely: main uncertainties found under the scenario planning method; potential technologies that have higher impact on increasing the useful exergy of the Portuguese economy; changes that would have to happen for that. There will be an overall debate about the idea of a Sustainable 4th Industrial revolution (decarbonization, technologies, new business models, growth, jobs).


LIFE BioStandards in the LIFE magazine

The "LIFE BioStandards" international project, funded by the EU LIFE program and in which IST (through MARETEC) is a partner, is on the 1st edition of the Portuguese LIFE Magazine.


“Back to the Future” in cars

In this interview to the Portuguese radio network TSF, Tiago Domingos remember the famous Delorean car used in the movie "Back to the Future" (1985) to predict that 30 years from now cars will use electricity from waste. He also foresees that the creation of small and lightweight batteries could be a big boost for spreading the use of electric vehicles, with a consequent reduction in air and noise pollution.


New Project

MARETEC-IST is happy to announce that will coordinate (in 2016-2017) a recently approved international project: Multinational Response and Preparedness to Oil and Chemical Spills (MARPOCS). The international consortium will implement an integrated operational framework for preparedness and response to oil and HNS spills in the Atlantic sub-region involving Morocco, Madeira and Canary Islands, in the context of Lisbon Agreement.